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logoWelcome to the website for 283 Woodbridge Legion Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron.

Please avoid use of the comments section, rather contact us by email. Addresses are now in the Contacts Section




Notice to all Cadets:

Please check the Announcements regarding Upcoming Events and also Community Service.

Also check the Calendar under each event for the required Dress for that event.

PO513 information is now posted in the announcements.

Fitness testing information now posted in the announcements


  Registration for new Cadets is now closed. 

Returning Cadets: VALIDATION

Any Cadets that have not returned yet have now been SOS’d from the Squadron. Please ensure that you return all issued Uniform by no later than Friday October 21st. Failing which, we will start recovery procedures for outstanding uniform.


Training Schedules and Instructor assignments are now posted up to Oct 28th



Note to all Cadets and Parents:

Please refer to the Announcement item Cadet Program for information on the Program

For your information please note that on the Homepage is a date stamp . This will let you know when the last update was made.  Please look on the update listing page to see the changes made.

Due to permit restrictions Cadets can’t enter the school before 6:30 pm and all Cadets must be picked up no later than 9:30 pm.  Parents are reminded that they must wait with their Cadet until a staff member arrives at the school. Please be aware that the evening training starts promptly at 6:45 pm.

All Cadets must be in possession of their  valid health card at  ALL Cadet events including Wednesday and Friday training (photo copy is not acceptable).  If a valid Health Card is not presented the Cadet will not be permitted to stay and will need to be picked up.

Please do not use the Comments section of the website as it is not regularly monitored.

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